Generation of tissue microarrays (TMAs) from paraffin embedded clinical specimens allows several portions of many different tumors to be simultaneously examined histologically or probed for protein markers of disease using immunohistochemical methodologies. Using this approach, up to one hundred or more different tumors can be archived and tested on a single microscope slide. Courtesy of Dr. Christopher Moskaluk.

Translational Science at UVA focuses on transformative “bench-to-bedside” research accomplished through collaborations between basic and clinical scientists.  The synergistic environment generated by the close proximity of the University and the Medical Center supports teams working together on research problems that have the potential for immediate and/or short-term impact on human health.

Students interested in a career in translational science pursue individualized training programs that include relevant seminar series and journal clubs that focus on medically-applicable research, along with coursework offerings from across several degree granting programs that provide instruction in clinical problems and basic science approaches to address them.

Students benefit from the collaborative environment with ready access to physicians who can offer a clinical perspective to their basic science training.