Real time analysis of chromosomes (green) and spindles (red). Courtesy of Dr. Daniel J. Burke.

Researchers in Genetics at UVA seek to understand how genetic information is encoded, inherited, decoded, and differentially regulated to produce the vast diversity observed in biology.

While the genome revolution has generated vast amounts of data on sequences and expression, genetics bridges the gap between structure (sequence) and biological function.  Fueled by powerful technologies for determining DNA sequences and surveying gene expression, geneticists seek to determine the function of every gene in the genome.  Functional data from genetic screens holds great promise for medicine, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and many other aspects of our lives.

The genetics program at the University of Virginia provides training opportunities with numerous faculty members across grounds.  It encompasses the full spectrum of genetic research, from genes to genomes to populations, in a diverse range of biological systems. We train graduates for careers in genetics at academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, private research institutes, and government research laboratories.