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The images on this page are derived from studies of the mitotic process, which includes many proteins, structures and processes. Courtesy of Dr. Daniel R. Foltz.

Biochemists at UVA seek to identify biologically relevant molecules and study their synthesis, degradation, and role in biological processes.

Since molecules interact in complex ways in living organisms, modern biochemical research is a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort. Approaches that are used include molecular biology, genetics, epigenetics, bioinformatics, computational biology, structural biology, and many others.  More than 60 faculty from these areas form our robust and dedicated group of mentors in biochemistry.

Research in biochemistry at UVA ranges from computational analysis to clinical applications for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Biochemical studies of interacting proteins, DNA, and sub-cellular structures in normal and disease states provide a wide array of research opportunities.  This research, coupled with a broad collection of graduate courses, furnish our students with the skills and background necessary for successful careers in biomedical research and education.