Year Winners Department Mentor Research Title
2019 Greg Medlock Biomedical Engineering Jason Papin Metabolic Interactions and Capabilities within Microbial Communities
2018 Molly Kelly-Goss Biomedical Engineering Shayn Peirce-Cottler The Role and Use of Heterogeneity in Microvascular Instability
2017 Joshua Heuslein Biomedical Engineering Richard Price Mechanisms of Amplified Arteriogenesis: The Role of Flow Direction, DNA methylation, and microRNA
2016 Emily Billings Microbiology Jim Casanova The adhesion GPCR BAI1 mediates macrophage ROS production and microbicidal activity against Gram-negative bacteria
2015 Adam Dixon Biomedical Engineering John Hossack Simultaneous photoacoustic microscopy of microvascular anatomy, oxygen saturation, and blood flow
2014 Chelsi Snow Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Bryce Paschal The molecular basis of aging in the premature aging syndrome, Hutchinson-Gildford Progeria Syndrome
2013 Amelia Hufford Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology Kodi Ravichandran The Role of Cell Death in Muscle Development
2012 Jason H. Y. Yang Biomedical Engineering Jeffrey Saucerman Nuclear PKA signaling in cardiac myocytes
2011 Matthew T. Hufford Microbiology, Immunology & Infectious Disease Thomas Braciale Investigating the Role of Co-stimulatory Molecule Signaling on CD4+ T Cell Effector Activity During Influenza Infection
2010 Matthew A. Oberhardt Biomedical Engineering Jason Papin Genome-scale Analysis of Pathogenicity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
2009 Amanda Doran, MD/PhD
Molecular Physiology Collen McNamara
The Helix Loop Helix Factors Id3 and E47 are Novel Regulators of Adiponectin
2008 Daeho Park
Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Kodi Ravichandran
BAI1 is an Engulfment Receptor for Apoptotic Cells Upstream of ELMO1/Dock180/Rac Signal Module
Allison Berg Pharmacology Douglas Bayliss Background and Receptor-Modulated Ion Channels in Cholinergic Neurons
Oliver McDonald Medical School/Physiology Gary Owens Epigenetic Control of Smooth Muscle Differentiation
2005 Michelle Kofron Biomedical Engineering Cato Laurencin Gene Therapy for Bone Regeneration