Timothy L. Macdonald


  • PhD, Columbia University
  • Postdoc, Stanford University
  • BS, University of California, Los Angeles

Primary Appointment

  • Professor, Chemistry


Research Interest(s)

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Research Description

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Selected Publications

  • Hoffman P, Bruce A, Olekhnovich I, Warren C, Burgess S, Hontecillas R, Viladomiu M, Bassaganya-Riera J, Guerrant R, Macdonald T. Preclinical studies of amixicile, a systemic therapeutic developed for treatment of Clostridium difficile infections that also shows efficacy against Helicobacter pylori. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2014;58(8): 4703-12. PMID: 24890599 | PMCID: PMC4136022
  • Gray L, Schiff D, Macdonald T. A model for the regulation of T-type Ca(2+) channels in proliferation: roles in stem cells and cancer. Expert review of anticancer therapy. 2013;13(5): 589-95. PMID: 23617350
  • East J, Macdonald T. Cost-effective and Large-scale synthesis of 16:0 Lysophosphatidic Acid. Synthetic communications. 2012;42(24): 3614-3618. PMID: 23264701 | PMCID: PMC3525677
  • Warren C, van Opstal E, Ballard T, Kennedy A, Wang X, Riggins M, Olekhnovich I, Warthan M, Kolling G, Guerrant R, Macdonald T, Hoffman P. Amixicile, a novel inhibitor of pyruvate: ferredoxin oxidoreductase, shows efficacy against Clostridium difficile in a mouse infection model. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. 2012;56(8): 4103-11. PMID: 22585229 | PMCID: PMC3421617
  • Ballard T, Wang X, Olekhnovich I, Koerner T, Seymour C, Salamoun J, Warthan M, Hoffman P, Macdonald T. Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of nitazoxanide-based analogues: identification of selective and broad spectrum activity. ChemMedChem. 2011;6(2): 362-77. PMID: 21275058 | PMCID: PMC3089805
  • East J, Carter K, Kennedy P, Schulte N, Toews M, Lynch K, Macdonald T. Development of a phosphatase-resistant, L-tyrosine derived LPA1/LPA3 dual antagonist. MedChemComm. 2011;2(4): 325-330. PMID: 22180836 | PMCID: PMC3237054
  • Kennedy A, Mathews T, Kharel Y, Field S, Moyer M, East J, Houck J, Lynch K, Macdonald T. Development of amidine-based sphingosine kinase 1 nanomolar inhibitors and reduction of sphingosine 1-phosphate in human leukemia cells. Journal of medicinal chemistry. 2011;54(10): 3524-48. PMID: 21495716 | PMCID: PMC3119570
  • Kennedy P, Zhu R, Huang T, Tomsig J, Mathews T, David M, Peyruchaud O, Macdonald T, Lynch K. Characterization of a sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor antagonist prodrug. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. 2011;338(3): 879-89. PMID: 21632869 | PMCID: PMC3164350
  • Kharel Y, Mathews T, Gellett A, Tomsig J, Kennedy P, Moyer M, Macdonald T, Lynch K. Sphingosine kinase type¬†1 inhibition reveals rapid turnover of circulating sphingosine 1-phosphate. The Biochemical journal. 2011;440(3): 345-53. PMID: 21848514 | PMCID: PMC3443603
  • Kharel Y, Mathews T, Kennedy A, Houck J, Macdonald T, Lynch K. A rapid assay for assessment of sphingosine kinase inhibitors and substrates. Analytical biochemistry. 2011;411(2): 230-5. PMID: 21216217 | PMCID: PMC3049835
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