Sarah Siegrist


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Selected Publications

  • Siegrist S, Haque N, Chen C, Hay B, Hariharan I. Inactivation of both Foxo and reaper promotes long-term adult neurogenesis in Drosophila. Current biology : CB. 2010;20(7): 643-8. PMID: 20346676 | PMCID: PMC2862284
  • Siegrist S, Doe C. Microtubule-induced cortical cell polarity. Genes & development. 2007;21(5): 483-96. PMID: 17344411
  • Lee C, Wilkinson B, Siegrist S, Wharton R, Doe C. Brat is a Miranda cargo protein that promotes neuronal differentiation and inhibits neuroblast self-renewal. Developmental cell. 2006;10(4): 441-9. PMID: 16549393
  • Siegrist S, Doe C. Extrinsic cues orient the cell division axis in Drosophila embryonic neuroblasts. Development (Cambridge, England). 2006;133(3): 529-36. PMID: 16396904
  • Siegrist S, Doe C. Microtubule-induced Pins/Galphai cortical polarity in Drosophila neuroblasts. Cell. 2005;123(7): 1323-35. PMID: 16377571
  • Renfranz P, Siegrist S, Stronach B, Macalma T, Beckerle M. Molecular and phylogenetic characterization of Zyx102, a Drosophila orthologue of the zyxin family that interacts with Drosophila Enabled. Gene. 2003;305(1): 13-26. PMID: 12594038
  • Stronach B, Siegrist S, Beckerle M. Two muscle-specific LIM proteins in Drosophila. The Journal of cell biology. 1996;134(5): 1179-95. PMID: 8794860 | PMCID: PMC2120973