Mete Civelek


  • BS, Bogazici University
  • BA, Bogazici University
  • MS, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
  • PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Primary Appointment

  • Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Research Interest(s)

Systems Genetics Approaches to Understand Cardiometabolic Traits

Research Description

The goal of our laboratory is to understand the genetic mechanisms that lead to increased susceptibility to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The interactions among hundreds of genes and gene networks along with environmental factors such as diet affect our health status. We use systems genetics to uncover this complexity. We use a range of experimental and computational methods to quantitate and integrate intermediate phenotypes, such as transcript, protein or metabolite levels, in human and mouse populations. We also test our predictions using standard biochemistry and molecular biology approaches in cell cultures and animal models. Our results provided insights into both the molecular underpinnings of complex traits and the understanding of common, complex diseases.

Selected Publications

  • Bennett B, Davis R, Civelek M, Orozco L, Wu J, Qi H, Pan C, Sevag Packard R, Eskin E, Yan M, Kirchgessner T, Wang Z, Li X, Gregory J, Hazen S, Gargalovic P, Lusis A. Correction: Genetic Architecture of Atherosclerosis in Mice: A Systems Genetics Analysis of Common Inbred Strains. PLoS genetics. 2016;12(3): e1005913. PMID: 26934746 | PMCID: PMC4775237
  • Gusev A, Ko A, Shi H, Bhatia G, Chung W, Penninx B, Jansen R, de Geus E, Boomsma D, Wright F, Sullivan P, Nikkola E, Alvarez M, Civelek M, Lusis A, Lehtimäki T, Raitoharju E, Kähönen M, Seppälä I, Raitakari O, Kuusisto J, Laakso M, Price A, Pajukanta P, Pasaniuc B. Integrative approaches for large-scale transcriptome-wide association studies. Nature genetics. 2016;48(3): 245-52. PMID: 26854917 | PMCID: PMC4767558
  • Kojima Y, Volkmer J, McKenna K, Civelek M, Lusis A, Miller C, Direnzo D, Nanda V, Ye J, Connolly A, Schadt E, Quertermous T, Betancur P, Maegdefessel L, Matic L, Hedin U, Weissman I, Leeper N. CD47-blocking antibodies restore phagocytosis and prevent atherosclerosis. Nature. 2016. PMID: 27437576 | PMCID: PMC4980260
  • Lusis A, Seldin M, Allayee H, Bennett B, Civelek M, Davis R, Eskin E, Farber C, Hui S, Mehrabian M, Norheim F, Pan C, Parks B, Rau C, Smith D, Vallim T, Wang Y, Wang J. The Hybrid Mouse Diversity Panel: a resource for systems genetics analyses of metabolic and cardiovascular traits. Journal of lipid research. 2016;57(6): 925-42. PMID: 27099397 | PMCID: PMC4878195
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  • Bahn J, Ahn J, Lin X, Zhang Q, Lee J, Civelek M, Xiao X. Genomic analysis of ADAR1 binding and its involvement in multiple RNA processing pathways. Nature communications. 2015;6 6355. PMID: 25751603 | PMCID: PMC4355961
  • Bennett B, Davis R, Civelek M, Orozco L, Wu J, Qi H, Pan C, Packard R, Eskin E, Yan M, Kirchgessner T, Wang Z, Li X, Gregory J, Hazen S, Gargalovic P, Lusis A. Genetic Architecture of Atherosclerosis in Mice: A Systems Genetics Analysis of Common Inbred Strains. PLoS genetics. 2015;11(12): e1005711. PMID: 26694027 | PMCID: PMC4687930
  • Briot A, Civelek M, Seki A, Hoi K, Mack J, Lee S, Kim J, Hong C, Yu J, Fishbein G, Vakili L, Fogelman A, Fishbein M, Lusis A, Tontonoz P, Navab M, Berliner J, Iruela-Arispe M. Endothelial NOTCH1 is suppressed by circulating lipids and antagonizes inflammation during atherosclerosis. The Journal of experimental medicine. 2015;212(12): 2147-63. PMID: 26552708 | PMCID: PMC4647265
  • Brænne I, Civelek M, Vilne B, Di Narzo A, Johnson A, Zhao Y, Reiz B, Codoni V, Webb T, Foroughi Asl H, Hamby S, Zeng L, Trégouët D, Hao K, Topol E, Schadt E, Yang X, Samani N, Björkegren J, Erdmann J, Schunkert H, Lusis A. Prediction of Causal Candidate Genes in Coronary Artery Disease Loci. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 2015;35(10): 2207-17. PMID: 26293461 | PMCID: PMC4583353
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