Lucy F. Pemberton


  • PhD, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK

Primary Appointment

  • Associate Professor, Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology


Research Interest(s)

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Research Description

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viagra before and after photos go viagra hard-on brand viagra 50 mg for sale We are interested in questions such as how and when are histones synthesized in the cytoplasm and how do histone chaperones cooperate with transport factors in the nuclear transport process? What is the sequence of events once these proteins are in the nucleus? How do the histone chaperones coordinate the assembly of histones onto DNA? What is the function of histone chaperones in chromatin dynamics, and what is their role in transcription elongation? Is this function regulated by the coordinated activities of histone modifiers? Are histone chaperones direct players in the nucleosome eviction and reassembly cycle around the elongating polymerase, are ATP dependent chromatin remodelers assisting in this function? uk generic viagra

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Using proteomics to identify interacting proteins and phosphorylation sites. We have shown that Nap1 is a phosphorylated, nucleocytoplasmic shuttling protein. We have an ongoing collaboration with the lab of Don Hunt in the UVA Chemistry Dept. Using Mass Spectrometry we have carried out proteomic screens to search for interacting proteins of the histones, chromatin assembly factors and nuclear import factors. The proteins identified will help us understand how the above proteins function. We have also used Mass Spectrometry analysis to identify the phosphorylation sites on different proteins such as Nap1, and acetylation sites on histones, which will help elucidate the mechanism of their regulation.

Techniques used. The lab is located in the Center for Cell Signaling and is part of the following three BIMS programs; the Microbiology, Infectious Disease and Immunology program, the Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics program, as well as the Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology program. Our investigation into the above research areas is ongoing. The techniques that are routinely employed in the laboratory are a combination of:

  • cell biology including fluorescence microscopy
  • biochemistry including protein production, in vitro binding analysis and the purification and analysis of protein complexes from yeast cells
  • molecular biology approaches including chromatin immunoprecipitation and real-time PCR, microarrays and chromatin assembly analysis
  • genetics involving the generation and use of yeast mutants as well as various genome-wide screens
  • In summary, the correct assembly and remodeling of chromatin is necessary for the maintenance of genomic stability in eukaryotic cells, highlighting the importance of understanding this process.

    Selected Publications

    • Keck K, Pemberton L. Histone chaperones link histone nuclear import and chromatin assembly. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 2014;1819(3): 277-89. PMID: 24459730
    • Xue Y, Kowalska A, Grabowska K, Przybyt K, Cichewicz M, Del Rosario B, Pemberton L. Histone chaperones Nap1 and Vps75 regulate histone acetylation during transcription elongation. Molecular and cellular biology. 2013;33(8): 1645-56. PMID: 23401858 | PMCID: PMC3624251
    • Keck K, Pemberton L. Interaction with the histone chaperone Vps75 promotes nuclear localization and HAT activity of Rtt109 in vivo. Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark). 2011;12(7): 826-39. PMID: 21463458 | PMCID: PMC3115401
    • Straube K, Blackwell J, Pemberton L. Nap1 and Chz1 have separate Htz1 nuclear import and assembly functions. Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark). 2009;11(2): 185-97. PMID: 19929865 | PMCID: PMC2907061
    • Del Rosario B, Pemberton L. Nap1 links transcription elongation, chromatin assembly, and messenger RNP complex biogenesis. Molecular and cellular biology. 2008;28(7): 2113-24. PMID: 18227150 | PMCID: PMC2268417
    • Blackwell J, Wilkinson S, Mosammaparast N, Pemberton L. Mutational analysis of H3 and H4 N termini reveals distinct roles in nuclear import. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2007;282(28): 20142-50. PMID: 17507373
    • Calvert M, Keck K, Ptak C, Shabanowitz J, Hunt D, Pemberton L. Phosphorylation by casein kinase 2 regulates Nap1 localization and function. Molecular and cellular biology. 2007;28(4): 1313-25. PMID: 18086883 | PMCID: PMC2258750
    • Pemberton L, Paschal B. Scientists share nuclear secrets at Jekyll Island. Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark). 2006;7(6): 751-60. PMID: 16637892