- Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program | Lawrence M. Silverman

Lawrence M. Silverman

Primary Appointment

  • Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Research Interest(s)

Modifier genes in cystic fibrosis; developing technologies in genomics and proteomics; epigenetics

Research Description

Modifier genes in common genetic disorders

Selected Publications

  • McCudden C, Senior B, Hainsworth S, Oliveira W, Silverman L, Bruns D, Hammett-Stabler C. Evaluation of high resolution gel β2-transferrin for detection of cerebrospinal fluid leak. Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine : CCLM / FESCC. 2012; 1-5. PMID: 23023885
  • Pastore L, Young S, Baker V, Karns L, Williams C, Silverman L. Elevated prevalence of 35-44 FMR1 trinucleotide repeats in women with diminished ovarian reserve. Reproductive sciences (Thousand Oaks, Calif.). 2012;19(11): 1226-31. PMID: 22581803
  • Bender L, Silverman L, Dinulos M, Nickel J, Grody W. Direct-to-consumer genotyping: are we ready for a brave new world? Clinical chemistry. 2010;56(7): 1056-60. PMID: 20511451
  • Bartlett J, Friedman K, Ling S, Pace R, Bell S, Bourke B, Castaldo G, Castellani C, Cipolli M, Colombo C, Colombo J, Debray D, Fernandez A, Lacaille F, Macek M, Rowland M, Salvatore F, Taylor C, Wainwright C, Wilschanski M, Zemková D, Hannah W, Phillips M, Corey M, Zielenski J, Dorfman R, Wang Y, Zou F, Silverman L, Drumm M, Wright F, Lange E, Durie P, Knowles M. Genetic modifiers of liver disease in cystic fibrosis. JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association. 2009;302(10): 1076-83. PMID: 19738092
  • Amos Wilson J, Pratt V, Phansalkar A, Muralidharan K, Highsmith W, Beck J, Bridgeman S, Courtney E, Epp L, Ferreira-Gonzalez A, Hjelm N, Holtegaard L, Jama M, Jakupciak J, Johnson M, Labrousse P, Lyon E, Prior T, Richards C, Richie K, Roa B, Rohlfs E, Sellers T, Sherman S, Siegrist K, Silverman L, Wiszniewska J, Kalman L. Consensus characterization of 16 FMR1 reference materials: a consortium study. The Journal of molecular diagnostics : JMD. 2008;10(1): 2-12. PMID: 18165276 | PMCID: PMC2175538
  • Chute D, Cousar J, Mahadevan M, Siegrist K, Silverman L, Stoler M. Detection of immunoglobulin heavy chain gene rearrangements in classic hodgkin lymphoma using commercially available BIOMED-2 primers. Diagnostic molecular pathology : the American journal of surgical pathology, part B. 2008;17(2): 65-72. PMID: 18382369
  • Pastore L, Karns L, Pinkerton J, Silverman L, Williams C, Camp T. Acceptance of fragile X premutation genetic screening in women with ovarian dysfunction. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology. 2006;194(3): 738-43. PMID: 16522406
  • Tsongalis G, Silverman L. Molecular diagnostics: a historical perspective. Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry. 2006;369(2): 188-92. PMID: 16701603