John S. Lazo


  • AB, Johns Hopkins University
  • PhD, University of Michigan

Primary Appointment

  • Professor, Pharmacology


Research Interest(s)

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Selected Publications

  • Cramer J, Zimmerman M, Thompson T, Homanics G, Lazo J, Lagasse E. Deletion of Ptp4a3 reduces clonogenicity and tumor-initiation ability of colitis-associated cancer cells in mice. Stem cell research. 2014;13(1): 164-71. PMID: 24950307 | PMCID: PMC4090270
  • Emert-Sedlak L, Narute P, Shu S, Poe J, Shi H, Yanamala N, Alvarado J, Lazo J, Yeh J, Johnston P, Smithgall T. Effector kinase coupling enables high-throughput screens for direct HIV-1 Nef antagonists with antiretroviral activity. Chemistry & biology. 2013;20(1): 82-91. PMID: 23352142 | PMCID: PMC3559019
  • Lazo J, Sharlow E, Epperly M, Lira A, Leimgruber S, Skoda E, Wipf P, Greenberger J. Pharmacologic profiling of phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors as mitigators of ionizing radiation-induced cell death. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. 2013;347(3): 669-80. PMID: 24068833 | PMCID: PMC3836314
  • Zimmerman M, Homanics G, Lazo J. Targeted deletion of the metastasis-associated phosphatase Ptp4a3 (PRL-3) suppresses murine colon cancer. PloS one. 2013;8(3): e58300. PMID: 23555575 | PMCID: PMC3610886
  • Svilar D, Dyavaiah M, Brown A, Tang J, Li J, McDonald P, Shun T, Braganza A, Wang X, Maniar S, St Croix C, Lazo J, Pollack I, Begley T, Sobol R. Alkylation sensitivity screens reveal a conserved cross-species functionome. Molecular cancer research : MCR. 2012;10(12): 1580-96. PMID: 23038810 | PMCID: PMC3877719
  • Zhang F, Rothermund K, Gangadharan S, Pommier Y, Prochownik E, Lazo J. Phenotypic screening reveals topoisomerase I as a breast cancer stem cell therapeutic target. Oncotarget. 2012;3(9): 998-1010. PMID: 22948175 | PMCID: PMC3660065
  • Ma C, Lazo J, Xie X. Compound acquisition and prioritization algorithm for constructing structurally diverse compound libraries. ACS combinatorial science. 2011;13(3): 223-31. PMID: 21480665 | PMCID: PMC3909521
  • Sharlow E, Mustata Wilson G, Close D, Leimgruber S, Tandon M, Reed R, Shun T, Wang Q, Wipf P, Lazo J. Discovery of diverse small molecule chemotypes with cell-based PKD1 inhibitory activity. PloS one. 2011;6(10): e25134. PMID: 21998636 | PMCID: PMC3187749