Jeff R. Crandall

Primary Appointment

  • Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Research Interest(s)

Automobile Safety

Research Description

The research program at the Automobile Safety Laboratory is a multidisciplinary effort that covers many aspects of impact biomechanics, computational mechanics, and vehicle crashworthiness. The test facility is one of a limited number of laboratories conducting impact biomechanics research with both dummies and cadavers. Computational efforts involve a broad spectrum of simulation software, finite element analyses, optimization strategies, and mathematical models.

Selected Publications

  • Boruah S, Paskoff G, Shender B, Subit D, Salzar R, Crandall J. Variation of bone layer thicknesses and trabecular volume fraction in the adult male human calvarium. Bone. 2015;77 120-34. PMID: 25920690
  • Forman J, Lopez-Valdes F, Duprey S, Bose D, Del Pozo de Dios E, Subit D, Gillispie T, Crandall J, Segui-Gomez M. The tolerance of the human body to automobile collision impact - a systematic review of injury biomechanics research, 1990-2009. Accident; analysis and prevention. 2015;80 7-17. PMID: 25846230
  • Zhang Q, Lessley D, Riley P, Toczyski J, Lockerby J, Foltz P, Overby B, Seppi J, Crandall J, Kerrigan J. Occupant Kinematics in Laboratory Rollover Tests: ATD Response and Biofidelity. Stapp car crash journal. 2015;58 317-60. PMID: 26192959
  • Zhang Q, Kindig M, Li Z, Crandall J, Kerrigan J. Development of structural and material clavicle response corridors under axial compression and three point bending loading for clavicle finite element model validation. Journal of biomechanics. 2014;47(11): 2563-70. PMID: 24975696
  • Frimenko R, Lievers W, Riley P, Park J, Hogan M, Crandall J, Kent R. Development of an injury risk function for first metatarsophalangeal joint sprains. Medicine and science in sports and exercise. 2013;45(11): 2144-50. PMID: 23657164
  • Kerrigan J, Sanchez-Molina D, Neggers J, Arregui-Dalmases C, Velazquez-Ameijide J, Crandall J. Indentation response of human patella with elastic modulus correlation to localized fractal dimension and bone mineral density. Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials. 2013;33 99-108. PMID: 23972564
  • Salzar R, Lau S, Lessley D, Sochor M, Shaw C, Kent R, Crandall J. Thoracic response to shoulder belt loading: comparison of tabletop and frontal sled tests with PMHS. Traffic injury prevention. 2013;14(2): 159-67. PMID: 23343025
  • Shaw G, Lessley D, Ash J, Sochor M, Crandall J, Luzon-Narro J, Arregui-Dalmases C. Side impact PMHS thoracic response with large-volume air bag. Traffic injury prevention. 2013;15(1): 40-7. PMID: 24279965
  • Funk J, Rudd R, King R, Srinivasan S, Bailey A, Crandall J. Injuries caused by brake pedal loading of the midfoot. Biomedical sciences instrumentation. 2012;48 134-40. PMID: 22846275
  • Riley P, Kent R, Dierks T, Lievers W, Frimenko R, Crandall J. Foot kinematics and loading of professional athletes in American football-specific tasks. Gait & posture. 2012;38(4): 563-9. PMID: 22591791