Jay W. Fox


  • BA, Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL
  • PhD, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO
  • Postdoc, University of CO Med. School, Denver, CO

Primary Appointment

  • Professor, Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology


Research Interest(s)

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Research Description

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Selected Publications

  • Aramadhaka L, Prorock A, Dragulev B, Bao Y, Fox J. Connectivity maps for biosimilar drug discovery in venoms: the case of Gila monster venom and the anti-diabetes drug Byetta®. Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology. 2013;69 160-7. PMID: 23602926
  • Mikesh L, Aramadhaka L, Moskaluk C, Zigrino P, Mauch C, Fox J. Proteomic anatomy of human skin. Journal of proteomics. 2013;84 190-200. PMID: 23563204
  • Aragão A, Belloni M, Simabuco F, Zanetti M, Yokoo S, Domingues R, Kawahara R, Pauletti B, Gonçalves A, Agostini M, Graner E, Coletta R, Fox J, Leme A. Novel processed form of syndecan-1 shed from SCC-9 cells plays a role in cell migration. PloS one. 2012;7(8): e43521. PMID: 22905270 | PMCID: PMC3419706
  • Grigera P, Ma L, Borgman C, Pinto A, Sherman N, Parsons J, Fox J. Mass spectrometric analysis identifies a cortactin-RCC2/TD60 interaction in mitotic cells. Journal of proteomics. 2012;75(7): 2153-9. PMID: 22282019 | PMCID: PMC3312979
  • Tilghman R, Blais E, Cowan C, Sherman N, Grigera P, Jeffery E, Fox J, Blackman B, Tschumperlin D, Papin J, Parsons J. Matrix rigidity regulates cancer cell growth by modulating cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. PloS one. 2012;7(5): e37231. PMID: 22623999 | PMCID: PMC3356407
  • Escalante T, Ortiz N, Rucavado A, Sanchez E, Richardson M, Fox J, Gutiérrez J. Role of collagens and perlecan in microvascular stability: exploring the mechanism of capillary vessel damage by snake venom metalloproteinases. PloS one. 2011;6(12): e28017. PMID: 22174764 | PMCID: PMC3234262
  • Kim J, Sherman N, Fox J, Ginsberg M. Phosphorylation sites in the cerebral cavernous malformations complex. Journal of cell science. 2011;124 3929-32. PMID: 22194303 | PMCID: PMC3244978
  • Mauch C, Zamek J, Abety A, Grimberg G, Fox J, Zigrino P. Accelerated wound repair in ADAM-9 knockout animals. The Journal of investigative dermatology. 2010;130(8): 2120-30. PMID: 20376065
  • Guerreiro J, Lameu C, Oliveira E, Klitzke C, Melo R, Linares E, Augusto O, Fox J, Lebrun I, Serrano S, Camargo A. Argininosuccinate synthetase is a functional target for a snake venom anti-hypertensive peptide: role in arginine and nitric oxide production. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2009;284(30): 20022-33. PMID: 19491403 | PMCID: PMC2740428
  • Li L, Dragulev B, Zigrino P, Mauch C, Fox J. The invasive potential of human melanoma cell lines correlates with their ability to alter fibroblast gene expression in vitro and the stromal microenvironment in vivo. International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer. 2009;125(8): 1796-804. PMID: 19569239
  • Zigrino P, Kuhn I, Bäuerle T, Zamek J, Fox J, Neumann S, Licht A, Schorpp-Kistner M, Angel P, Mauch C. Stromal expression of MMP-13 is required for melanoma invasion and metastasis. The Journal of investigative dermatology. 2009;129(11): 2686-93. PMID: 19516266
  • Fox J, Serrano S. Exploring snake venom proteomes: multifaceted analyses for complex toxin mixtures. Proteomics. 2008;8(4): 909-20. PMID: 18203266
  • Mayhew M, Jeffery E, Sherman N, Nelson K, Polefrone J, Pratt S, Shabanowitz J, Parsons J, Fox J, Hunt D, Horwitz A. Identification of phosphorylation sites in betaPIX and PAK1. Journal of cell science. 2007;120 3911-8. PMID: 17989089
  • Serrano S, Wang D, Shannon J, Pinto A, Polanowska-Grabowska R, Fox J. Interaction of the cysteine-rich domain of snake venom metalloproteinases with the A1 domain of von Willebrand factor promotes site-specific proteolysis of von Willebrand factor and inhibition of von Willebrand factor-mediated platelet aggregation. The FEBS journal. 2007;274(14): 3611-21. PMID: 17578514
  • Zigrino P, Steiger J, Fox J, Löffek S, Schild A, Nischt R, Mauch C. Role of ADAM-9 disintegrin-cysteine-rich domains in human keratinocyte migration. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2007;282(42): 30785-93. PMID: 17704059
  • Dragulev B, Bao Y, Ramos-Cerrillo B, Vazquez H, Olvera A, Stock R, Algaron A, Fox J. Upregulation of IL-6, IL-8, CXCL1, and CXCL2 dominates gene expression in human fibroblast cells exposed to Loxosceles reclusa sphingomyelinase D: insights into spider venom dermonecrosis. The Journal of investigative dermatology. 2006;127(5): 1264-6. PMID: 17139265
  • Serrano S, Kim J, Wang D, Dragulev B, Shannon J, Mann H, Veit G, Wagener R, Koch M, Fox J. The cysteine-rich domain of snake venom metalloproteinases is a ligand for von Willebrand factor A domains: role in substrate targeting. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2006;281(52): 39746-56. PMID: 17040908
  • Fox J, Serrano S. Structural considerations of the snake venom metalloproteinases, key members of the M12 reprolysin family of metalloproteinases. Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology. 2005;45(8): 969-85. PMID: 15922769
  • Gallagher P, Bao Y, Prorock A, Zigrino P, Nischt R, Politi V, Mauch C, Dragulev B, Fox J. Gene expression profiling reveals cross-talk between melanoma and fibroblasts: implications for host-tumor interactions in metastasis. Cancer research. 2005;65(10): 4134-46. PMID: 15899804