Howard P. Goodkin


  • BS,BE, University of Pennsylvania
  • MSE, University of Pennsylvania
  • MD/PhD, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Primary Appointment

  • Professor, Neurology


Research Interest(s)

Status epilepticus

Research Description

Status epilepticus.

Selected Publications

  • Rajasekaran K, Zanelli S, Goodkin H. Lessons from the laboratory: the pathophysiology, and consequences of status epilepticus. Seminars in pediatric neurology. 2010;17(3): 136-43. PMID: 20727481 | PMCID: PMC2943667
  • Goodkin H, Joshi S, Kozhemyakin M, Kapur J. Impact of receptor changes on treatment of status epilepticus. Epilepsia. 2008;48 14-5. PMID: 18329987 | PMCID: PMC2844441
  • Goodkin H, Sun C, Yeh J, Mangan P, Kapur J. GABA(A) receptor internalization during seizures. Epilepsia. 2007;48 109-13. PMID: 17910589
  • Goodkin H, Yeh J, Kapur J. Status epilepticus increases the intracellular accumulation of GABAA receptors. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2005;25(23): 5511-20. PMID: 15944379 | PMCID: PMC2878479
  • Goodkin H, Harper M, Pomeroy S. Intracerebral abscess in children: historical trends at Children's Hospital Boston. Pediatrics. 2004;113(6): 1765-70. PMID: 15173504
  • Mangan P, Sun C, Carpenter M, Goodkin H, Sieghart W, Kapur J. Cultured Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons Express Two Kinds of GABAA Receptors. Molecular pharmacology. 2004;67(3): 775-88. PMID: 15613639 | PMCID: PMC2884972
  • Goodkin H, Liu X, Holmes G. Diazepam terminates brief but not prolonged seizures in young, naïve rats. Epilepsia. 2003;44(8): 1109-12. PMID: 12887445
  • Goodkin H, Thach W. Cerebellar control of constrained and unconstrained movements. II. EMG and nuclear activity. Journal of neurophysiology. 2003;89(2): 896-908. PMID: 12574467
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  • Goodkin H, Keating J, Martin T, Thach W. Preserved simple and impaired compound movement after infarction in the territory of the superior cerebellar artery. The Canadian journal of neurological sciences. Le journal canadien des sciences neurologiques. 1993;20 S93-104. PMID: 8334599
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