Heather Ferris


  • PhD, University of Virginia
  • MD, University of Virginia
  • Residency, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Clinical Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Primary Appointment

  • Clinician and Investigator, Medicine- Endocrinology and Metabolism


Research Interest(s)

The Role of Diabetes in Cognitive Decline

Research Description

People living with Type 2 diabetes are at increased risk for cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease. Our research uses both cell and animal models to study the impact of diabetes on the brain. In particular, we are interested in:

1. How insulin regulates cholesterol synthesis in the different cell types of the brain and how this impacts brain energetics and function. 2. The potential role of oxidized cholesterol species as signaling molecules in the brain in diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. 3. Understanding the role of insulin in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.

Selected Publications

  • Cai W, Xue C, Sakaguchi M, Konishi M, Shirazian A, Ferris H, Li M, Yu R, Kleinridders A, Pothos E, Kahn C. Insulin regulates astrocyte gliotransmission and modulates behavior. The Journal of clinical investigation. 2018. PMID: 29664737
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  • Ferris H, Kahn C. Unraveling the Paradox of Selective Insulin Resistance in the Liver: the Brain-Liver Connection. Diabetes. 2016;65(6): 1481-3. PMID: 27222392 | PMCID: PMC4878421
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