Gilbert Kinsey


  • PhD, Medical University of South Carolina
  • PharmD, Medical University of South Carolina

Primary Appointment

  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Medicine- Nephrology


Research Interest(s)

Acute Kidney Injury, Regulatory T Cells, Innate Immune Response

Research Description

The goal of our laboratory is to develop treatments that will either prevent or treat acute kidney injury (AKI). AKI by itself is detrimental in terms of morbidity and mortality and increases the likelihood of chronic and end-stage renal disease. An uncontrolled immune response (inflammation) in the injured kidney is a common mechanism leading to AKI. Our recent studies have demonstrated that anti-inflammatory cells of the immune system called regulatory T cells (Tregs) protect the kidney from AKI in an animal model. We are currently exploring the mechanisms used by Tregs to protect the kidney with the intention of discovering or developing therapies that mimic the beneficial actions of Tregs in kidney injury.

Selected Publications

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