George T. Gillies

Primary Appointment

  • Research Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Research Interest(s)

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Research Description

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Selected Publications

  • Flouty O, Oya H, Kawasaki H, Wilson S, Reddy C, Jeffery N, Brennan T, Gibson-Corley K, Utz M, Gillies G, Howard M. A new device concept for directly modulating spinal cord pathways: initial in vivo experimental results. Physiological measurement. 2012;33(12): 2003-15. PMID: 23151433
  • Gibson-Corley K, Oya H, Flouty O, Fredericks D, Jeffery N, Gillies G, Howard M. Ovine tests of a novel spinal cord neuromodulator and dentate ligament fixation method. Journal of investigative surgery : the official journal of the Academy of Surgical Research. 2012;25(6): 366-74. PMID: 23215793
  • Oya H, Howard M, Shurig R, Gillies G. Spinal canal surrogate for testing intradural implants. Journal of medical engineering & technology. 2012;36(8): 407-10. PMID: 22953718
  • Song S, Gillies G, Begley M, Utz M, Broaddus W. Inductively coupled microfluidic pressure meter for in vivo monitoring of cerebrospinal fluid shunt function. Journal of medical engineering & technology. 2012;36(3): 156-62. PMID: 22316101
  • Song S, Gillies G, Howard M, Kuhnley B, Utz M. Power and signal transmission protocol for a contactless subdural spinal cord stimulation device. Biomedical microdevices. 2012;15(1): 27-36. PMID: 22892642
  • Thiele R, Colquhoun D, Gillies G, Tiouririne M. Manipulation of hyperbaric lidocaine using a weak magnetic field: a pilot study. Anesthesia and analgesia. 2012;114(6): 1365-7. PMID: 22451591
  • Wilson S, Howard M, Rossen J, Brennan T, Dalm B, Dahdaleh N, Utz M, Gillies G. Pulsatile spinal cord surrogate for intradural neuromodulation studies. Journal of medical engineering & technology. 2011;36(1): 22-5. PMID: 22188575