Clint L. Miller


  • PhD, University of Rochester
  • Postdoc, Stanford University

Primary Appointment

  • Assistant Professor, Public Health Sciences


Research Interest(s)

Genetic variation, Complex diseases, Coronary artery disease, Genomics, Epigenomics, Regulatory mechanisms, Vascular biology, Pharmacology and Physiology

Research Description

My laboratory's research focus involves the application of modern genomics and bioinformatics to unravel complex human diseases. By integrating large-scale human genetic association data with multi-omic profiling and clinically-relevant models, our work seeks to better understand causal disease mechanisms. We are dissecting the role of genetic and drug perturbations on vascular wall processes during atherosclerosis progression. We are also studying gene-gene and gene-environment interactions at the molecular level to further inform translational targeting of multiple risk loci.

Selected Publications

  • Kim J, Pjanic M, Nguyen T, Miller C, Iyer D, Liu B, Wang T, Sazonova O, Carcamo-Orive I, Matic L, Maegdefessel L, Hedin U, Quertermous T. TCF21 and the environmental sensor aryl-hydrocarbon receptor cooperate to activate a pro-inflammatory gene expression program in coronary artery smooth muscle cells. PLoS genetics. 2017;13(5): e1006750. PMID: 28481916 | PMCID: PMC5439967
  • Miller C, Leeper N. Genome-Wide Association Studies Candidate Gene to Dual Modifier of Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis and Atherosclerosis. JACC. Basic to translational science. 2017;1(7): 680-683. PMID: 28603781 | PMCID: PMC5465816
  • Knight W, Chen S, Zhang Y, Oikawa M, Wu M, Zhou Q, Miller C, Cai Y, Mickelsen D, Moravec C, Small E, Abe J, Yan C. PDE1C deficiency antagonizes pathological cardiac remodeling and dysfunction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2016. PMID: 27791092 | PMCID: PMC5111646
  • Kojima Y, Volkmer J, McKenna K, Civelek M, Lusis A, Miller C, Direnzo D, Nanda V, Ye J, Connolly A, Schadt E, Quertermous T, Betancur P, Maegdefessel L, Matic L, Hedin U, Weissman I, Leeper N. CD47-blocking antibodies restore phagocytosis and prevent atherosclerosis. Nature. 2016. PMID: 27437576 | PMCID: PMC4980260
  • Miller C, Pjanic M, Wang T, Nguyen T, Cohain A, Lee J, Perisic L, Hedin U, Kundu R, Majmudar D, Kim J, Wang O, Betsholtz C, Ruusalepp A, Franzén O, Assimes T, Montgomery S, Schadt E, Björkegren J, Quertermous T. Integrative functional genomics identifies regulatory mechanisms at coronary artery disease loci. Nature communications. 2016;7 12092. PMID: 27386823 | PMCID: PMC4941121
  • Perisic Matic L, Rykaczewska U, Razuvaev A, Sabater-Lleal M, Lengquist M, Miller C, Ericsson I, Röhl S, Kronqvist M, Aldi S, Magné J, Paloschi V, Vesterlund M, Li Y, Jin H, Diez M, Roy J, Baldassarre D, Veglia F, Humphries S, de Faire U, Tremoli E, Odeberg J, Vukojević V, Lehtiö J, Maegdefessel L, Ehrenborg E, Paulsson-Berne G, Hansson G, Lindeman J, Eriksson P, Quertermous T, Hamsten A, Hedin U. Phenotypic Modulation of Smooth Muscle Cells in Atherosclerosis Is Associated With Downregulation of LMOD1, SYNPO2, PDLIM7, PLN, and SYNM. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 2016;36(9): 1947-61. PMID: 27470516
  • Pjanic M, Miller C, Wirka R, Kim J, DiRenzo D, Quertermous T. Genetics and Genomics of Coronary Artery Disease. Current cardiology reports. 2016;18(10): 102. PMID: 27586139
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  • Miller C, Pjanic M, Quertermous T. From Locus Association to Mechanism of Gene Causality: The Devil Is in the Details. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. 2015;35(10): 2079-2080. PMID: 26399919 | PMCID: PMC4594207
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  • Sazonova O, Zhao Y, Nürnberg S, Miller C, Pjanic M, Castano V, Kim J, Salfati E, Kundaje A, Bejerano G, Assimes T, Yang X, Quertermous T. Characterization of TCF21 Downstream Target Regions Identifies a Transcriptional Network Linking Multiple Independent Coronary Artery Disease Loci. PLoS genetics. 2015;11(5): e1005202. PMID: 26020271 | PMCID: PMC4447360
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