Ann E. Sutherland


  • BA, Wellesley College
  • PhD, University of California

Primary Appointment

  • Associate Professor, Cell Biology


Research Interest(s)

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Selected Publications

  • Williams M, Yen W, Lu X, Sutherland A. Distinct apical and basolateral mechanisms drive planar cell polarity-dependent convergent extension of the mouse neural plate. Developmental cell. 2014;29(1): 34-46. PMID: 24703875 | PMCID: PMC4120093
  • The glands have it. Biology of reproduction. 2013;88(4): 94. PMID: 23486911 | PMCID: PMC4013878
  • Taniguchi K, Anderson A, Sutherland A, Wotton D. Loss of Tgif function causes holoprosencephaly by disrupting the SHH signaling pathway. PLoS genetics. 2012;8(2): e1002524. PMID: 22383895 | PMCID: PMC3285584
  • González I, Martin P, Burdsal C, Sloan J, Mager S, Harris T, Sutherland A. Leucine and arginine regulate trophoblast motility through mTOR-dependent and independent pathways in the preimplantation mouse embryo. Developmental biology. 2011;361(2): 286-300. PMID: 22056783 | PMCID: PMC3246567
  • Hinton B, Galdamez M, Sutherland A, Bomgardner D, Xu B, Abdel-Fattah R, Yang L. How do you get six meters of epididymis inside a human scrotum? Journal of andrology. 2011;32(6): 558-64. PMID: 21441421
  • Watson E, Hughes M, Simmons D, Natale D, Sutherland A, Cross J. Cell-cell adhesion defects in Mrj mutant trophoblast cells are associated with failure to pattern the chorion during early placental development. Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 2011;240(11): 2505-19. PMID: 21972064
  • Williams M, Burdsal C, Periasamy A, Lewandoski M, Sutherland A. Mouse primitive streak forms in situ by initiation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition without migration of a cell population. Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 2011;241(2): 270-83. PMID: 22170865 | PMCID: PMC3266444
  • Amleh A, Nair S, Sun J, Sutherland A, Hasty P, Li R. Mouse cofactor of BRCA1 (Cobra1) is required for early embryogenesis. PloS one. 2009;4(4): e5034. PMID: 19340312 | PMCID: PMC2661135
  • Powers S, Taniguchi K, Yen W, Melhuish T, Shen J, Walsh C, Sutherland A, Wotton D. Tgif1 and Tgif2 regulate Nodal signaling and are required for gastrulation. Development (Cambridge, England). 2009;137(2): 249-59. PMID: 20040491 | PMCID: PMC2799159
  • Trampont P, Tosello-Trampont A, Shen Y, Duley A, Sutherland A, Bender T, Littman D, Ravichandran K. CXCR4 acts as a costimulator during thymic beta-selection. Nature immunology. 2009;11(2): 162-70. PMID: 20010845 | PMCID: PMC2808461
  • Yen W, Williams M, Periasamy A, Conaway M, Burdsal C, Keller R, Lu X, Sutherland A. PTK7 is essential for polarized cell motility and convergent extension during mouse gastrulation. Development (Cambridge, England). 2009;136(12): 2039-48. PMID: 19439496 | PMCID: PMC2685725
  • Bartholin L, Melhuish T, Powers S, Goddard-Léon S, Treilleux I, Sutherland A, Wotton D. Maternal Tgif is required for vascularization of the embryonic placenta. Developmental biology. 2008;319(2): 285-97. PMID: 18508043 | PMCID: PMC2517231
  • Klaffky E, Gonzáles I, Sutherland A. Trophoblast cells exhibit differential responses to laminin isoforms. Developmental biology. 2006;292(2): 277-289. PMID: 16680816
  • Miner J, Li C, Mudd J, Go G, Sutherland A. Compositional and structural requirements for laminin and basement membranes during mouse embryo implantation and gastrulation. Development (Cambridge, England). 2004;131(10): 2247-56. PMID: 15102706
  • Martin P, Sutherland A, Van Winkle L. Amino acid transport regulates blastocyst implantation. Biology of reproduction. 2003;69(4): 1101-8. PMID: 12801981
  • Martin P, Sutherland A. Exogenous amino acids regulate trophectoderm differentiation in the mouse blastocyst through an mTOR-dependent pathway. Developmental biology. 2002;240(1): 182-93. PMID: 11784055
  • Parast M, Aeder S, Sutherland A. Trophoblast giant-cell differentiation involves changes in cytoskeleton and cell motility. Developmental biology. 2001;230(1): 43-60. PMID: 11161561
  • Yao C, Ziober B, Sutherland A, Mendrick D, Kramer R. Laminins promote the locomotion of skeletal myoblasts via the alpha 7 integrin receptor. Journal of cell science. 1996;109 3139-50. PMID: 9004048
  • Almeida E, Huovila A, Sutherland A, Stephens L, Calarco P, Shaw L, Mercurio A, Sonnenberg A, Primakoff P, Myles D, White J. Mouse egg integrin alpha 6 beta 1 functions as a sperm receptor. Cell. 1995;81(7): 1095-104. PMID: 7600577
  • Stephens L, Sutherland A, Klimanskaya I, Andrieux A, Meneses J, Pedersen R, Damsky C. Deletion of beta 1 integrins in mice results in inner cell mass failure and peri-implantation lethality. Genes & development. 1995;9(15): 1883-95. PMID: 7544312
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  • Sutherland A, Calarco P, Damsky C. Expression and function of cell surface extracellular matrix receptors in mouse blastocyst attachment and outgrowth. The Journal of cell biology. 1988;106(4): 1331-48. PMID: 2834405 | PMCID: PMC2115031
  • Sutherland A, Calarco-Gillam P. Analysis of compaction in the preimplantation mouse embryo. Developmental biology. 1983;100(2): 328-38. PMID: 6689157