Ammasi Periasamy

Primary Appointment

  • Professor of Research, Biology


Research Interest(s) carisoprodol 350 mg buy online

Research Description

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Selected Publications

  • Burdikova Z, Svindrych Z, Pala J, Hickey C, Wilkinson M, Panek J, Auty M, Periasamy A, Sheehan J. Measurement of pH micro-heterogeneity in natural cheese matrices by fluorescence lifetime imaging. Frontiers in microbiology. 2015;6 183. PMID: 25798136 | PMCID: PMC4351631
  • Rehman S, Gladman J, Periasamy A, Sun Y, Mahadevan M. Development of an AP-FRET based analysis for characterizing RNA-protein interactions in myotonic dystrophy (DM1). PloS one. 2014;9(4): e95957. PMID: 24781112 | PMCID: PMC4004549
  • Sun Y, Rombola C, Jyothikumar V, Periasamy A. Förster resonance energy transfer microscopy and spectroscopy for localizing protein-protein interactions in living cells. Cytometry. Part A : the journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology. 2013;83(9): 780-93. PMID: 23813736 | PMCID: PMC3924896
  • Periasamy A, Shadiac N, Amalraj A, Garajová S, Nagarajan Y, Waters S, Mertens H, Hrmova M. Cell-free protein synthesis of membrane (1,3)-β-d-glucan (curdlan) synthase: Co-translational insertion in liposomes and reconstitution in nanodiscs. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 2012;1828(2): 743-57. PMID: 23063656
  • Sun Y, Hays N, Periasamy A, Davidson M, Day R. Monitoring protein interactions in living cells with fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. Methods in enzymology. 2012;504 371-91. PMID: 22264545
  • Sun Y, Day R, Periasamy A. Investigating protein-protein interactions in living cells using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. Nature protocols. 2011;6(9): 1324-40. PMID: 21886099 | PMCID: PMC3169422
  • Sun Y, Wallrabe H, Seo S, Periasamy A. FRET microscopy in 2010: the legacy of Theodor Förster on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry. 2011;12(3): 462-74. PMID: 21344587 | PMCID: PMC3422661
  • Williams M, Burdsal C, Periasamy A, Lewandoski M, Sutherland A. Mouse primitive streak forms in situ by initiation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition without migration of a cell population. Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists. 2011;241(2): 270-83. PMID: 22170865 | PMCID: PMC3266444