The BIMS Graduate Program at UVA emphasizes reading, writing, scientific communication, critical thinking, experimental design and analysis, and personal and professional growth.  The following are just a few of the distinguishing features of our graduate program that provide students with a unique and individualized educational experience:

1. Opportunity to train with hundreds of faculty performing cutting-edge research in a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines.

2. Association with a vibrant and highly interactive UVA Health System, which provides:

  • Opportunities to interact with clinical faculty, trainees, and patients
  • Access to tumor boards and infectious disease conferences
  • Clinical shadowing experiences

3. Individualized curriculum

  • Instruction begins with an immersive “core course” designed to equip all of our students with the fundamental concepts and skill sets needed to think as scientists. This course is the first step in preparing our students for careers in biomedical research that increasingly require the application of interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches to attack biomedical problems.
  • Students develop personalized curriculum by selecting from over forty (40) 6-week modules
  • Students are able to enroll in courses throughout their tenure as a graduate student

4. Curriculum-enriching opportunities

  • BIMS Entrepreneurship Venture series
    Modeled after the “Startup Class”, this experience is “designed to provide students with not only the basic tools and vocabulary of new ventures, but also a sense of the challenges encountered across the lifecycle of a new venture—from idea to exit, including failure. The course…aspires to introduce students to a broad range of issues faced by founders and funders of both for-profit and non-profit ventures.” Using both general and science-related case studies, topics will cover basics in the entrepreneurial space.
  • Interprofessional Values seminar
    These seminars are sponsored by the Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life (IPE), with funding from the Donchian Foundation and other donors. They are unique in that they include students from different professional and graduate schools and programs and are led by at least two faculty members from different schools or programs. These highly interactive seminars use literature, plays, films, etc., as vehicles for exploring ethical concerns that arise in personal, professional, and public life.
  • Leadership Curriculum
    The BIMS graduate program offers leadership opportunities throughout the training period that are designed to foster the qualities essential for our students to become future leaders in biomedical science and research.

5. Career and professional development opportunities

  • Individual Development Plans
  • Entrepreneurship Cup competition
  • Internships at UVA Licensing and Ventures Group
  • Grant-writing workshops
  • Communication workshop
  • Job fairs
  • Networking
  • Webinars
  • Informational interviews
  • Career symposia
  • Site visits