BIMS modules

BIMS course offerings for Fall 2019. Please notice tabs along bottom.
BIMS course offerings for 2018-2019. Please notice tabs along bottom.

Once students select their thesis advisor and area of research, they have the flexibility to choose from a menu of over 40 six-week modular courses focused on a wide array of topics in biomedical sciences. In these higher-level courses, our expectation is that the students will apply the tools that they have learned in the core course to synthesize and integrate the most current knowledge in the field.

BIMS 6000: Core Course in Integrative Biosciences

All first year students enroll in a 12-week immersive “core course” designed to equip trainees with the fundamental concepts and skill sets needed to think as scientists. This course is the first step in preparing our students for careers in biomedical research that increasingly require the application of interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches to attack biomedical problems. The course combines traditional faculty presentations with numerous small group and individual learning activities, problem-solving exercises, workshops and hands-on analyses of data sets. It is taught by a community of scientists representing the diverse research interests of faculty within the School of Medicine and across Grounds.

Research Ethics

A requirement for all our programs, here’s how to develop your sense of ethics. This course is offered each spring and a detailed syllabus can be found here.