Purpose/responsibilities: The BIMS Academic Progress and Achievement Committee (BAPAC) serves as an institutional oversight committee with representation from all BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs to ensure (1) that individual programs have set up clear standards for academic progress and processes that ensure the standards are met; and (2) that individual programs have followed their processes and the institution’s conduct policies. The BAPAC approves the list of graduates put forth by the BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs for May, August and December graduations. The BAPAC also reviews and acts on all recommendations from BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs regarding students failing to remain in good standing based on grades or other academic performance and/or failing to meet professional standards or exhibiting unethical or unprofessional behaviors. The BAPAC does not establish the academic standards, which are set by each degree-granting program, or the professionalism standards, which are set by the institution.

Authority: The BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs are responsible for developing and implementing the academic standards, academic progress, and evaluation policies for their respective programs. The first-year advisors develop these same standards for first year students who are not yet affiliated with any degree program. The BAPAC monitors the implementation of the degree-granting program policies regarding student remediation and dismissal, ensuring due process for students. The BAPAC assesses whether these policies have been followed and assures fairness and consistency across the interdisciplinary programs comprising BIMS. Students for whom an adverse action may be taken will have the opportunity to present their case to the BAPAC but will not be present during deliberation. A student may contest a decision of the BAPAC by following the appeals process outlined in the BIMS Policy on Academic and Professional Advancement.

Membership selection and composition: The BAPAC is comprised of the directors of graduate study (DGS) for each of the BIMS-affiliated degree-granting programs, by virtue of their positions. The BAPAC chair is the assistant dean for graduate research and training by virtue of that position and has full voting rights. The committee elects a vice chair from its members. No member of the BAPAC shall have more than one vote.

Meetings: The BAPAC will meet no less than three times a year, and more often when necessary.

Quorum: A quorum is constituted when a majority (greater than 50% of voting members) is present. The DGS for each student at issue will recuse himself/herself from voting. All motions are passed by a 2/3 majority of voting members present.

Minutes: An administrative staff member from the Graduate Programs Office will take minutes of each meeting and record every official motion and its numerical vote. Official letters sent to students will constitute part of the minutes of each meeting. Minutes of all meetings are kept in the Graduate Programs Office and are made available to the dean or the dean’s designee. Letters from the BAPAC chair to individual students are kept in the student’s academic files.